Tower Capital Advisors LLC


Providing a strategic and diversified investment for today's complex real estate market.


Tower Capital Advisors LLC manages an investment fund, Tower Real Estate Fund I, that makes secured real estate loans on investment and commercial properties in the Chicago area. We provide investors access to secured real estate loans. Our model offers investors many benefits without the drawbacks traditionally inherent in this type of investment such as real estate experience, finding new loan opportunities, reviewing transactions, or managing a loan portfolio. Our investment strategy combines low volatility, preservation of capital, and investment transparency, while offering attractive returns traditionally associated with higher risk investments.



Tower Capital Advisors LLC underwrites, originates, and coordinates loan servicing on behalf of our investors. We offer attractive returns with each loan secured by real estate. Loans secured by real estate allow peace of mind while gaining exposure to an alternative asset class.



Tower Capital Advisors LLC believes there are attractive opportunities to lend on non-owner occupied and small balance commercial real estate mortgage loans as a result of the ongoing disruption in the real estate and financial markets.  These types of loans offer attractive returns in relation to their relative risk as a result of the imbalance between supply and demand in the current market environment, which has forced numerous financial institutions to curtail lending or to dispose of both financial and physical real estate-related assets in order to meet regulatory or general capital requirements.